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Toronto: Unsorted photos from August 2004 (page 9/17)

[picture: Dragon fruit]

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit on sale at the street market in Toronto’s Chinatown on Spadina near Dundas. Not a very clear shot, sorry.

[picture: Bronze lion]

Bronze lion

A statue of a lion sitting down with forepaws stretched out in front of it, and on a bronze plinth.

[picture: Bronze lion 2]

Bronze lion 2

This lion is on the other side of the entrance that is being guarded.

[picture: Bronze lion 3]

Bronze lion 3

A closer view of the lion’s mouth.

[picture: Bronze lion 4]

Bronze lion 4

A closer view of the lion’s eyes and nose.

[picture: Chinese lion's mouth]

Chinese lion’s mouth

A white statue of a lion, in a Chinese style. In Chinatown.

[picture: Chinese lion's mouth 2]

Chinese lion’s mouth 2

Side view of this carved chinese lion.

[picture: Curved roof]

Curved roof

This brick building in Toronto has an interesting roof.

[picture: Tiled wall]

Tiled wall

Texture from a wall lined with ceramic tiles, in a subway in Toronto.

[picture: Abstract texture]

Abstract texture

I don’t remember what this was. It was probably in St. Andrew’s subway in Toronto.

[picture: Strip texture]

Strip texture

Texture formed from dull brown metal or ceramic strips with gaps between them forming a wall covering in a subway station in Toronto.

[picture: Blurred stone texture]

Blurred stone texture

A strange and slightly upsetting effect. If you use this for your computer background (desktop wallpaper), don’t blame me if you get dizzy.

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