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UK holiday 05: Wigan Pier (page 2/6)

[picture: Bench]


Curved wooden bench in Ruth & Bob’s back yard, in a corner formed by two brick walls. There’s a plant pot with geraniums in it just behind. [more...]

[picture: The Mill at the Pier]

The Mill at the Pier

The entrance to Wigan Pier’s tourist trap.

[picture: Lamp-post with flowers]

Lamp-post with flowers

A lamp post with four globular lights and some flowers.

[picture: Big fan]

Big fan

A turbine outside the museum; yes, those are full-sized bricks in the wall, and yes, those are big fan blades!

[picture: Canal boat under bridge]

Canal boat under bridge

Somehwat overexposed (sorry) picture of a boat (canal barge/longboat/narrowboat/whatever) in a tunnel underneath a building.

[picture: Canal]


A bridge, a willow tree, an old brick wall, and lots of brown and dirty water; a setting, for use as a stock photograph.

[picture: Sash windows in stone wall]

Sash windows in stone wall

Two rather old (probably 18th century) sash windows seen from the outside of a stone building.

[picture: Canal bridge]

Canal bridge

An iron footbridge over a canal. There’s a canal boat visible on the other side of the bridge.

[picture: Canal bridge with Mill]

Canal bridge with Mill

The canal bridge and boat but now with Trencher Mill in the background.

[picture: Brick clock]

Brick clock

A square brick tower with a round clock in it; it’s a circular clock face. For use as as a stock image.

[picture: Storm drain]

Storm drain

The end of a large pipe set into an old brick wall at the side of a canal.

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