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2006 UK holiday 7: St Helens World of Glass (page 5/6)

[picture: Shaping the rim]

Shaping the rim

Here you can get a clearer view of the shape of the new glass vase.

[picture: Shaping the final item]

Shaping the final item

Just after re-heating the glass, the glass-worker rests the rod in a carefully-practiced routine before sitting down. Routines like this help to prevent injury: the red-hot [...] [more...]

[picture: finishing the rim]

finishing the rim

Using the “wood” to finish the shape.

[picture: Perfect symmetry]

Perfect symmetry

Using metal tools to make sure it’s perfectly round.

[picture: Reheating]


But you can’t see it.

[picture: Getting ready]

Getting ready

Putting heat-proof gloves on to put the new glass away.

[picture: One I prepared earlier]

One I prepared earlier

This is what the finished glass vase will look like, once it has been allowed to cool down.

[picture: Furnace tunnel]

Furnace tunnel

The world’s first continuous glass-making furnace has been excavated. This tunnel carried hot air beneath the molten glass.

[picture: Furnace tunnel 2]

Furnace tunnel 2

This tunnel carried hot air and flames to heat the glass above.

[picture: A curved brick tunnel outside]

A curved brick tunnel outside

Not clear what the purpose of this tunnel was, but probably for hot air.

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