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Snapshots from Heidelberg (page 2/8)

[picture: Building with turret]

Building with turret

A building in Heidelberg with a round turret. This is a multi-shot panorama.

[picture: Frankfurt railway station, platform]

Frankfurt railway station, platform

Looking down the platform of an electrified railway line (US: railroad) in Frankfurt.

[picture: Train in Frankfurt station]

Train in Frankfurt station

A German train, marked ICE, stands at the platform in the station at Frankfurt airport. It looks fast. It’s an ICE-3.

[picture: Enpty platform at Frankfurt airport]

Enpty platform at Frankfurt airport

No trains here right now.

[picture: Train approaching]

Train approaching

A train arriving at Frankfurt airport’s railway station. [more...]

[picture: The train is here]

The train is here

A train at the platform at Frankfurt airport’s railway station.

[picture: Mannheim airport]

Mannheim airport

A grey day at Mannheim airport in Germany.

[picture: Electric train arriving]

Electric train arriving

A train arrives at Mannheim station.

[picture: Local train]

Local train

The front of a local train in Mannheim station.

[picture: Local train at Mannheim station]

Local train at Mannheim station

An electric train stands at Mannheim station; looks like there’s a carriage for bicycles, too. It’s a nice red train. A German friend tells me they call this sort of train a “shoe-box” (schuhkarton) or “cigarette carton” (zigarettenschachtel) because of its boxy appearance. It is more properly called the ET 425, or, in English, a Class 425 EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) train. [more...]

[picture: Train arriving at the platform]

Train arriving at the platform

A bright red local train arrives at the platform in Mannheim station.

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