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Snapshots from Heidelberg (page 3/8)

[picture: Traffic Circle with Fountain]

Traffic Circle with Fountain

A roundabout (US: traffic circle) with a fountain in the island, set against the background of the tree-coverd hills in the area. [more...]

[picture: Rossi Restaurant]

Rossi Restaurant

I didn’t eat there, but I thought the trees and the colour were interesting.

[picture: Heidelberg Tram]

Heidelberg Tram

A tram (US: street-car) goes past in a gentle blur on one of Heidelberg’s streets, I think Bismarck Strasse.

[picture: German street-corner]

German street-corner

A partly cobbled street, trams, and in the background tree-covered hills.

[picture: German street-corner 2]

German street-corner 2

Actually this one is maybe slightly more interesting, but the next one is without the car on the left.

[picture: German street-corner 3]

German street-corner 3

A third attempt. The LCD on my camera is broken, so I’m taking more shots of some things than I otherwise might.

[picture: German street-corner 4]

German street-corner 4

Actually I think maybe I was going to make a panorama of the plaza.

[picture: Galeria Kaufhof]

Galeria Kaufhof

This shopping centre (US: mall) has a sculpture outside it.

[picture: Palm tree in plaza]

Palm tree in plaza

There was a palm tree growing outside here. It’s Bismarckplatz.

[picture: Crossing the road]

Crossing the road

I think this is Bismarck Strasse again.

[picture: Bismarckplatz]


The palm tree and sculpture outside the shopping centre again.

[picture: Tree and building]

Tree and building

Palm tree and German architecture.

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