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The Camposanto Monumentale cemetary in Pisa (page 30/32)

[picture: Inscription bearing the date 757]

Inscription bearing the date 757

Another view, more direct.

[picture: caption]


inscription with the text of the ordinance of the decurions of the colony of pisa (known as cenotaphium pisanum) in memory of lucius caesar, adopted son of the emperor octavian augustus (2 a.d.), at his death. [more...]

[picture: Sextus Octavian Felici Perpet]

Sextus Octavian Felici Perpet

The inscription above reads as follows (I can read it in the original photograph I tool, before I scaled it down for the Web; if you want the original of this or [...] [more...]

[picture: Fragment of an inscription]

Fragment of an inscription

It might be item b in the caption next to Sextus Octavian Felici Perpet (by the shape of it) or it might be something else. [more...]

[picture: Carved support]

Carved support

Possibly a corbel or support for an arch; it has a bearded satyr and either a woman or a youth naked behind a cloth, and a tambourine player, and a sheep. [more...]

[picture: Vebellio, Fabian from Lucca]

Vebellio, Fabian from Lucca

E - inscription for a vibellio belonging to the fabia tribe of lucca (maybe 2nd century a.d.).

[picture: Julia Augusta Domna inscription fragment]

Julia Augusta Domna inscription fragment

A - fragment of an inscription in honor of iulia augusta domna, wife of the emporor septimus severus and mother of caracalla (post 212 a.d.). [more...]

[picture: Tomb of a Lady 3]

Tomb of a Lady 3

A shot from the other side (so to speak); she is resting one arm on a book entitled, in legibus salus and carries a sceptre or wand. [more...]

[picture: Two busts]

Two busts

Taken with a 50mm f/1.8 prime lensat ISO 100, if you were wondering.

[picture: Bust of moustached man]

Bust of moustached man

I don’t know who he was, sorry. But he appears to have been sculpted out of marble.

[picture: Blurry cloistered quadrangle]

Blurry cloistered quadrangle

Not sure what happened here. I’ve left it here as it’d be cool to put text in front of it or to use it as a desktop background.

[picture: Three eagles]

Three eagles

An heraldic family crest or shield, with three eagles.

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