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Moose Factory (1) (page 6/8)

[picture: Unmarked cross]

Unmarked cross

A cross with a circle motif.

[picture: Cemetary, wider view]

Cemetary, wider view

A wide-angle view.

[picture: Monument 1]

Monument 1

I see dates 1952 and 1984 at the top, in Creee Syllabics, and a long list of names, some with designationslike E9-2608 that might be military.

[picture: Monument 2]

Monument 2

The Cree inscription at the top [more...]

[picture: In memory of Emma]

In memory of Emma

in memory of EMMA daughter of JAMES & JANE BHUM [more...]

[picture: John Wesley]

John Wesley

in remembrance of
born feb. 16 1929
died dec 23 1942 [more...]

[picture: Cree Bishop of James Bay]

Cree Bishop of James Bay

ᐺᑊᒓᑲᑭᑫᓂ ᐎᒓᐚᑌᐯᓂᑭᑫᐤ
Right Reverend neville Richrd Clarke
loving husband, father, missionary and bishop
priested in the diocese of Moosonee 1937
Archdeacon of James bay 1948
Bishop of James Bay 1948
Born February 21 1910 — died July 30 1975 [more...]

[picture: Blurry graves background]

Blurry graves background

I did this for use with text over it, or as a background: the evergreen tree at left is in sharp focus and the gravestones are not.

[picture: Wooden Cross]

Wooden Cross

Many of the graves have no name, but that does not mean they are forgotten: there are flowers on the top of this cross.

[picture: Church Steeple]

Church Steeple

It looks rather like a New England church.

[picture: Church Window]

Church Window

The stained glass is said to be of great interest, but the Church was closed because of structural problems. I think all the Moose Factory churches could use some donations. [more...]

[picture: Parish Hall 1]

Parish Hall 1

No-one ever did stop at the stop sign. But this is the Parish Hall.

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