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2008-04: Another trip to Tokyo (page 15/16)

[picture: Japanese restaurant 2: looking in]

Japanese restaurant 2: looking in

People eating inside.

[picture: Chinese restaurant 1: the door]

Chinese restaurant 1: the door

We ate in this Chinese restaurant near the Celestine hotel.

[picture: Chinese restaurant 2: the door]

Chinese restaurant 2: the door

A ver slightly better shot, but needs lens correction.

[picture: Chinese restaurant 3: Fish in bowl]

Chinese restaurant 3: Fish in bowl

Some fish were swimming in the bowls outside the entrance.

[picture: Gentlemen outtake 1]

Gentlemen outtake 1

blurred, scheduled for deletion

[picture: Gentleman outtake 2]

Gentleman outtake 2

blurred, scheduled for deletion

[picture: Gentlemen sign]

Gentlemen sign

Japanese toilet sign.

[picture: ladies]


Japanese toilet sign.

[picture: Wayside shrine]

Wayside shrine

Seen by the side of the road, from the bus to the airport.

[picture: lantern]


A swinging lantern.

[picture: Boat]


A ship in tokyo harbour, seen from the bus.

[picture: Fields]


As you leave Tokyo you go past what appear to be rice-fields.

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