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2008-04: Another trip to Tokyo (page 3/16)

[picture: passers-by]


The dog is a famous statue, but the next shot is better.

[picture: dog statue]

dog statue

A monument erected to a famous dog that saved his owner.

[picture: Panasonic ad]

Panasonic ad

Adverts are often “cute” in Japan.

[picture: Big square 1]

Big square 1

A big square in Japan, first of lots of pictures to try and give a feeling for the pedestrians.

[picture: Big square 2]

Big square 2

Lots of people, including schoolboys (in black) and schoolgirls (on the right). And a statue of anatomically correct naked children.

[picture: Big square 3]

Big square 3

More people.

[picture: Big square 4: statue]

Big square 4: statue

The fountain of babies exploring the world.

[picture: Big square 5: public announcement]

Big square 5: public announcement

People were using a loud-hailer to make an announcement, perhaps political.

[picture: Big square 6]

Big square 6

More Japanese people. The young men in black are schoolboys I think.

[picture: Big square 7: schoolboys]

Big square 7: schoolboys

They wanted to be photographed, but I was too quick and got the truck behind them in focus! Oh well. If you are the boys in the photo, I apologise. [more...]

[picture: Big square 8: Yen shop tree 1.]

Big square 8: Yen shop tree 1.

There are quite a few trees in tokyo.

[picture: Big square 9: Yen shop tree 2]

Big square 9: Yen shop tree 2

Tree and tall tower, juxtaposed in Japan. The JR sign underneath is for the railway line, it’s a station.

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