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2008-04: Another trip to Tokyo (page 8/16)

[picture: Crossing the street]

Crossing the street

The backs of people’s heads.

[picture: Side street 1]

Side street 1

The side streets everywhere in Tokyo seem to be like this.

[picture: Side street 2]

Side street 2

With a different person.

[picture: Restaurant window-menu 1: choosing]

Restaurant window-menu 1: choosing

Like many small restaurants, the way this works is that you choose what you want based on the life-like plastic models in the window, and then select from a vending machine; this gives you a ticket [...] [more...]

[picture: Restaurant window-menu 2: taking the ticket]

Restaurant window-menu 2: taking the ticket

here the gentleman takes the ticket.

[picture: Restaurant window-menu 3]

Restaurant window-menu 3

Here is the machine. For people who don’t read Japanese, the first four would be the easiest to choose from!

[picture: Restaurant entrance]

Restaurant entrance

It’s common to have hanging fabric over the door like this. Notice also the size of the restaurant: you can see it all here, the kitchen, the counter, the stools. [more...]

[picture: Bicycles]


There are bicycles everywhere in Tokyo.

[picture: Bicycles 2]

Bicycles 2

With a bigger depth of field.

[picture: Bicycles 3]

Bicycles 3

Showing more of the street and the passers-by.

[picture: Gianduia Chocolate Cake]

Gianduia Chocolate Cake

A dessert in a coffee-shop.

[picture: Denmark Cheese cake]

Denmark Cheese cake

A dessert in a coffee-shop. I don’t think you’d find this in Denmark, though.

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