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San Francisco, California, America (page 2/7)

[picture: Toronto Garden]

Toronto Garden

Our garden in Toronto, or back yard as they call it, seems very small now. My partner/owner/master was the one who kept the flowers.

[picture: Feathery Flowers]

Feathery Flowers

A red one and a yellow one.

[picture: Petrol Pump]

Petrol Pump

Or gas filling station, a Canadian Tyre one. Er, Canadian Tire. A familiar sight to any Canadian motorist, at least in Ontario. This one is on Dufferin north of Eglinton. [more...]

[picture: Filling Station]

Filling Station

The forecourt of a Canadian Tire filling station in Toronto.

[picture: Distant telephone booth]

Distant telephone booth

A phone booth in the middle distance, beyond the filling station forecourt. A car and a truck go by in the background.

[picture: Petrol Pump 2]

Petrol Pump 2

Another picture of the Canadian Tire gas pump.

[picture: Patio chairs]

Patio chairs

Chairs in front of a restaurant in Toronto, probably on Eglinton West or Bloor.

[picture: Luggage, Where are you?]

Luggage, Where are you?

The conveyer belt that delivers the luggage (if you are not unlucky) at the airport.

[picture: Luggage conveyer 2]

Luggage conveyer 2

Another shot of the luggage machine/carousel.

[picture: The luggage flew past]

The luggage flew past

A suitcase whizzes by in a frantic blur on an airport baggage claim conveyer.

[picture: Chandelier]


A large glass chandelier in a hotel lobby. Or possibly in SFO airport.

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