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San Francisco, California, America (page 6/7)

[picture: Motorcycles]


Motorbikes parked in San Francisco.

[picture: Waxies Truck.  Tall buildings.]

Waxies Truck. Tall buildings.

Summer light and shade in downtown San Francisco.

[picture: Ornate Office Building]

Ornate Office Building

An ornate building in San Francisco.

[picture: Ornate Office Building 2]

Ornate Office Building 2

An ornate building in San Francisco.

[picture: Hobart Building]

Hobart Building

The Hobart Building in San Francisco nestles between modern giant skyscrapers. here it is bathed in light.

[picture: Stone face]

Stone face

A grotesque smiling face on a building in San Francisco.

[picture: Stone face 2]

Stone face 2

But is it the same one?

[picture: Decorative architectural stone carving]

Decorative architectural stone carving

A decorative element on a building.

[picture: Stone gryphon]

Stone gryphon

A gryphon or griffon or possibly an eagle or some other creature, carved in bas-relief in stone.

[picture: San Francisco Buildings 7]
[picture: Niche]


An imitation niche for a statue, although this one doesn’t even have a flat place to put the carving, and is purely decorative. There is also a sharper photo of this niche. [more...]

[picture: Niche 2]

Niche 2

A sharper photo of the niche.

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