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San Francisco, California, America (page 3/7)

[picture: Chandelier 2]

Chandelier 2

A large glass chandelier. I think it’s in a hotel.

[picture: Chandelier 3]

Chandelier 3

Another shot. These are unsorted photos, hush now.

[picture: San Francisco Towers]

San Francisco Towers

I forget if this was from the hotel room or from the office I was visiting. Hmm, I’m pretty sure it was from the office. It could do with contrast correction. [more...]

[picture: San Francisco Towers 2]

San Francisco Towers 2

Another view from the window.

[picture: San Francisco Towers 3]

San Francisco Towers 3

Another view from the window.

[picture: Hotel bed.]

Hotel bed.

A bed in a hotel room, taken as a stock photo.

[picture: Hotel bed 2]

Hotel bed 2

I’m sorry there’s no-one in it.x

[picture: Hotel bed 3]

Hotel bed 3

A bed in a hotel room, taken as a stock photo.

[picture: San Francisco Buildings]

San Francisco Buildings

A downtown building. This series of photos came out rather grainy and I can’t read the name of the building.

[picture: Homeless in riches]

Homeless in riches

A homeless person in America, the world’s richest country.

[picture: San Francisco Buildings 2]

San Francisco Buildings 2

A furniture store in the classic style, with tall (very, very tall) fluted columns. The lettering on the top says Furniture and Carpets.

[picture: San Francisco Streets]

San Francisco Streets

A back alley with some bridges over it. The lower bridge bears lettering saying Department Store.

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