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San Francisco, California, America (page 7/7)

[picture: Gold elevator door]

Gold elevator door

Probably to an elevator.

[picture: Gold elevator door 2]

Gold elevator door 2

Not in focus though.

[picture: Liam hates being photographed]

Liam hates being photographed

I don’t think I’d make a very good model. I’m wearing my Gnome tee-shirt here, by the way.

[picture: Marble Archway in San Francisco]

Marble Archway in San Francisco

It’s on a hilly street, so it might actually be upright. But I doubt it, judging by the lamp post and the parking meter and the sprinkler water inlet. A marble entrance with ornate carving. [more...]

[picture: Hurricane Lamp]

Hurricane Lamp

An old ship’s light or lantern rigged up outside a building (a fake Irish pub).

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