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San Francisco, California, America (page 4/7)

[picture: San Francisco Streets 2]

San Francisco Streets 2

A closer view of this back street in SF..

[picture: Surreal furniture store on 6th]

Surreal furniture store on 6th

A building with the furniture on the outside. A hand-written sign announces that the lot and building are for sale.

[picture: Sun reflecting off skyscraper]

Sun reflecting off skyscraper

The sun reflects off a glass-coated office building in San Fransisco.

[picture: Fire Escape at Night]

Fire Escape at Night

A fire escape illuminated by light from within the building.

[picture: Spaulding Hotel]

Spaulding Hotel

I don’t think I was staying here (checks) no, I was in the SF hilton, but this is the Spaulding Hotel, with interesting brickwork.

[picture: Building with Flag]

Building with Flag

I have no idea why the flag was at half-mast. Maybe their King was ill? (his name is His Royal Highness the Emperor G W Bush)

[picture: SF Rainbow Flag]

SF Rainbow Flag

San Francisco has a gay district? Impossible!

[picture: lantern]


A brass lantern, or lanthorn, outside a building.

[picture: Contrasting Architecture]

Contrasting Architecture

A modern skyscraper next to an older and more elegant office tower, in downton San Francisco (Bath St? I forget).

[picture: San Francisco Buildings 3]

San Francisco Buildings 3

Some tall buildings framed behind a lamp-post in the sun.

[picture: Contrasting Architecture 2]

Contrasting Architecture 2

Shadows and reflections on the smaller building (the Hobart Building in San Francisco) make this an interesting picture.

[picture: San Francisco Buildings 4]

San Francisco Buildings 4

A tall pointy building seen between two square ones. With trees.

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