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2008-04: Another trip to Tokyo (page 9/16)

[picture: Coffee shop table 1]

Coffee shop table 1

There were plants and pebbles in the centre of the table. I had a coffee and a dessert.

[picture: Coffee shop table 2]

Coffee shop table 2

My food and drink on the coffee-shop table.

[picture: Entrance]


A restaurant entrance.

[picture: passers-by]


i took a few pictures of people on this street. Notice also the telegraph pole with all the wires; this is done to reduce problems caused by earthquakes. [more...]

[picture: Excelsior Cafe]

Excelsior Cafe

the outside of the coffee-shop where I ate.

[picture: people]


not a useful shot really.

[picture: Japanese schoolgirls]

Japanese schoolgirls

Japanese girls wearing their school uniforms, walking down the street together. For some reason teenagers everywhere think they own the road, and walk down the middle of it. [more...]

[picture: Restaurant with mirror]

Restaurant with mirror

If you look closely at the largest-sized image, you can see me holding a camera. And a man on the street is looking at me, probably because tall(ish) [...] [more...]

[picture: Side street 1]

Side street 1

With more people, and a couple of motorcycles

[picture: Side street 2]

Side street 2

With more people, and a couple of motorcycles. i liked the rounded tower, the round sign and the rounded arches of the windows below.

[picture: Arched windows 1]

Arched windows 1

With people in front, crossing the street.

[picture: Arched windows 2]

Arched windows 2

Some elegant windows. I didn’t think to go and look to see what they were, possibly a hotel.

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