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A day in Wrocław (page 3/5)

[picture: Flowers]


A bush had pink blossom; in the background the government building, with its square pillars arranged in the shape of a crescent.

[picture: Official car]

Official car

Powiatowy inspektorat nazdoru budowlangeo [more...]

[picture: More Polish buildings 1]

More Polish buildings 1

Trying to give a feel for the area.

[picture: Bridge]


Bridge, seen from the top. The bridge is a well-known landmark in Wrocław.

[picture: More Polish Buildings 2]

More Polish Buildings 2

The advert, with its painted border, reads as follows (I think): [more...]

[picture: Distant cathedral]

Distant cathedral

The twin spires of a cathedral, and a modern bridge over the river.

[picture: Busy Ladybird Supermarket]

Busy Ladybird Supermarket

Codziennie niskie ceny

[picture: Gaudi meets Communism]

Gaudi meets Communism

An Eastern European apartment building.

[picture: Small square]

Small square

A small square with grass and a little park in the middle. The central statue has a square and solid style that made me suspect that it predated the fall of Communism. [more...]

[picture: Balconies 1]

Balconies 1

Older apartment buildings with ornate wrought-iron balconies.

[picture: Balconies 2]

Balconies 2

A closer view of some of the balconies.

[picture: Tram 1]

Tram 1

A tram, or street-car, complete with adverts.

[picture: Tram 2]

Tram 2

A tram, or street-car, complete with adverts.

[picture: Bridge]


Seen from the other end. With traffic.

[picture: Reflections 1]

Reflections 1

An old building reflected in the glass wall of a modern one.

[picture: Reflections 2]

Reflections 2

An old building reflected in the glass wall of a modern one.

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