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An Afternoon in Oxford (page 7/7)

[picture: The Eagle and Child]

The Eagle and Child

Known familiarly as the “Bird and Baby” and known in literary circles as the meeting-place of “The Inklings,” a group of writers including C S Lewis, T S Eliot, J R R Tolkien and Charles Lewis, and perhaps others. It’s [...] [more...]

[picture: The Eagle and Child 2]

The Eagle and Child 2

Another view.

[picture: The Eagle and Child]

The Eagle and Child

A colour-corrected multi-shot panorama of this famous Oxford pub, The Eagle and Child, on Giles Street.

[picture: Rutherford-Appleton radio telescope]

Rutherford-Appleton radio telescope

A radio telescope at Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories, photographed with permission.

[picture: Rutherford-Appleton radio telescope 2]
[picture: Rutherford-Appleton Cyclotron]

Rutherford-Appleton Cyclotron

This building houses a particle accelerator for high-energy physics research. Photographed with permission.

[picture: Rutherford-Appleton Cyclotron 2]

Rutherford-Appleton Cyclotron 2

There’s a tree outside it.

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